Educational and entertaining conversation games for families

Easily play rules of the game on your smartphone, tablet or CD while driving, at home or out with friends.



To improve communication within families


Perhaps you are familiar with the situation where the family is in the same room, but everyone is looking at their phone screens?

We want to change this!


Improved communication in the family
Creative personal development
Quality time spent together


Benefits for children and parents​

FOR CHILDREN - An exciting and fun way to learn new skills. Overall, developing a child.

• Full attention from parents (here and now)
• Improve social skills and train ingenuity
• Develop imagination and creativity
• Practice formulating and expressing thoughts 

FOR PARENTS - Useful tool for parents to start a conversation with children anywhere, anytime.


• Personal contact with the child
• During the conversations, parents can hear what is most important for the child right now. 
• The emotional rapprochement strengthens between parents and children.


Have valuable conversations with your loved ones


Prime Audio Games are conversation games for families. Audio Games solves one of the biggest problems of this time - the lack of personal communication.


Games are played by listening to the rules of the games prepared by Prime Audio Games in your phone, tablet or computer. You can play while driving, travelling, at home for example.


It is an innovative way to make today more valuable, to truly be together rather than to just be in one room. To listen and talk to each other deeply and personally. 

Hundreds of families in Latvia are already using Audio Games and approves on the positive impact on family relationships.

Play now!

01 Word RiddlePrime Audio Games
02 Create StoryPrime Audio Games



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Audio Games are available on your phone!


Easy to play on your phone or tablet wherever you are! Available on App Store.



In Latvia, hundreds of families already use Audio Games and evaluate them very positively.

Our finding on how to engage our child when travelling long distances by car.

Thank you!

To be here and now, all together. To share fun and laughter. To see the other happy and excited.

This is great for keeping children away from phone screens. Surprising how simple but valuable this is!

Sveta (mother of 1 child)

Dace (mother of 3 children)

Juris (father of two boys)


Don't keep all the games in your head - play on your smartphone!


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